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Every Missions and Activity in The Division 2

At any time in The Division 2, you can call for backup using the Call for Backup option under the Social menu. Once you've called for backup, a notification will go out to all nearby agents, and they'll have the option to join your game. Once another player arrives, they'll be able to help you complete whatever activity you're trying to finish. Every missions and activity in The Division 2 is playable in a group, but sometimes you don't have a group around that you can invite. In those cases, The Division 2 has a helpful feature: Call for Backup....

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Apex Legends is Similar in Style to Fortnite

Of course, when counting players, both games are likely counting how many overall downloads the games have, not the number of active players. In that respect, Fortnite still has an advantage because it's more widespread; the game is currently available on the three major consoles, PC, and mobile devices. But Apex Legends so far is only available on X-Box One, Playstation 4, and PC. It's not clear when or if Respawn might open the game up to other platforms, or if there will be a cross-platform play option like there is with Fortnite. But one thing is certain: if Apex...

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